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Up Your Resume Game

Up Your Resume Game

If you are looking for a new position, you may be tempted to dust off your old resume and begin sending it out to every available job. Before you do, you need to know that some of the rules have changed, technologies have evolved, and the hiring tables have flipped. A computer may scan your

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Summer has arrived and the end of Q2 approaches. People are slowly returning to newly reopened workplaces. Law firms are no exception. While safety protocols have changed to embrace social/work distancing, strategic business planning has some of our clients gaining real momentum into Q3. These last few weeks, we have had meaningful conversations with known law firm


Managing Through COVID-19 for Legal Candidates

Our Collier Legal Search team is continuing to support for help managing through COVID-19 crisis. The lingering effects have been economically devastating, including within the legal marketplace. While some of our CLS friends have been successfully working remotely, many have not been as fortunate. Some have been laid off; some have been furloughed. Many fear

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