Collier Legal Search

A consultative approach to legal recruiting

Meeting expectations

We understand you may grow weary of rapid fire staffing companies who send resumes haphazardly to “beat the clock.” The consultants at Collier Legal Search strive always to take care and time in what we deliver to you. We feel while speed may be important, the highest goal is providing the smartest hiring solution. A thorough understanding of your expectations throughout the hiring process is key to achieving your desired result. Similarly, we will provide you with our expectations in order to consistently remain on the same page, maximizing efficiency. The benefit to you is to free your time to focus on the business of the practice of law.
Put Collier Legal Search on your TO-DO list; let us take on your hiring challenges.

Specialized expertise

Our team consists of approximately 10 former trial attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants and/or entrepreneurs. Intuition and insights which have come along the way, continuously and uniquely assist us in our efforts. As importantly, our team combined, has over over 100 years of experience in the legal placement industry. Our expertise goes hand in the hand with our staying power.