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Lateral Partner Move

Lateral Partner Move

Lateral partner moves occur when law firm partners seek a new position, typically with another organization. While a lateral move may benefit the person moving jobs, it can sometimes leave your law firm with a gap both in revenue stream and in headcount. Learn why partners make lateral moves and how you can work with …

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Gender Diversity in Law Firms Impacts Success

Gender Diversity in Law Firms Impacts Success

Achieving gender diversity at all levels of the legal field is essential for creating an equitable and prosperous law firm. The advantages of gender-diverse associates, management, and board members cannot be ignored in the hyper-competitive law industry. Research shows that gender-diverse law firms achieve 10% higher client spending and are 15% more likely to earn …

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2022 Hiring Trends

2022 Hiring Trends

As the new year begins, law firms are still reeling from a skilled worker shortage brought on by a strong economy, the lasting effects of pandemic layoffs, and the great resignation. In May 2021, there were 8,268 open positions for lawyers across the United States, a 150% increase from early 2020. This is not surprising …

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Litigation is Increasing and Project Attorneys Can Help

Litigation is increasing in every practice area. New filings daily in both state and federal courts. Project attorneys can lessen the load.  In 2019, law firms and corporate legal departments have seen large increases in litigation work across almost all practice categories.  While profitable, complex litigation can be a significant drain on the time, resources, …

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Hiring for Diversity

Diversity in Houston law firms is an upward trend. Hiring for diversity has become a commitment for many firms. Check out some great resources on how to best hire for diversity. Diversity in the corporate world has moved from a trendy concept to the accepted standard of operation, with most major corporations touting a comprehensive diversity policy. Below …

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