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Legal Workforce Return to the Office

Many professional services companies, including law firms, are transitioning their workforce to return to the office. For example, Amazon, Apple, and JPMorgan have all instated return-to-work policies in recent months.

As a law firm, your business may benefit from similar policies. On-site working legal professionals, such as attorneys and paralegals, tend to advance their skills faster than their hybrid or remote counterparts.

The office provides an optimal environment for efficient onboarding and maximum employee support. Legal professionals returning to the workplace may view this shift as a valuable benefit.

Enacting in-office work policies and finding qualified legal candidates can help build an efficient, collaborative workplace to boost employee satisfaction and performance.

Value of In-Person Working

Many law firms are considering the benefits of returning to an in-person work environment post-pandemic. Although remote work has become the norm for many industries, law firms may find that in-office policies promote ease of onboarding, mentorship availability, and skills training that legal candidates seek.

Onboarding Ease

Returning to an in-person work environment offers several advantages for law firms, including streamlined onboarding for new hires. When employees are present in the office, it’s easier for them to interact with colleagues and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the firm’s culture, values, and operations.

In-person onboarding fosters stronger relationships and a greater sense of community among employees. These benefits can lead to higher job satisfaction, better employee retention, and increased productivity for legal firms.

By providing an optimal environment for onboarding, your firm can foster long-term success for your employees and the organization.

Mentor and Trainer Availability

Having mentors and trainers readily available and approachable is crucial for employee growth and development, particularly in the legal industry. When experienced attorneys and legal team supervisors are accessible to answer questions and offer guidance in person, newer team members can learn more quickly and effectively.

Approachable mentors and trainers help your firm foster a continuous learning culture, increasing job satisfaction and retention. With this approach, your team leaders can build a more skilled and motivated workforce, translating to better client solutions and law firm growth.

Productivity & Growth

Productivity and growth are essential for law firms to stay competitive and succeed in the shifting legal industry. In-office strategies encouraging productivity, such as face-to-face meetings, tracking KPI metrics, and sharing regular feedback, can help your firm keep employees focused and motivated.
You can promote growth through ongoing learning opportunities and career development at the office to help team members advance their skills in specific areas of law, such as ESG. Offering in-house CLEs or other training and mentorship can help your employees build their expertise, take on new clients, and promote growth for the organization. This is especially important for attorneys on a path to partnership.

Collaboration, Top-Down

A top-down approach to collaboration is essential for legal firms looking to foster teamwork and drive better outcomes for clients. This collaboration structure also helps ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards the same objectives.

A top-down approach to collaboration is particularly effective in an in-person work environment, where team members can interact face-to-face and build strong relationships. Being physically present in the office allows for more spontaneous conversations and informal interactions, leading to more effective collaboration and stronger camaraderie among team members.

On-site collaborative tools and technologies, like digital whiteboards, can facilitate communication and information sharing. This helps team members stay connected and productive even when working on different projects.

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