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Mid-Market Law Attracts Big Talent

In the current lateral attorney recruiting climate, mid-market and smaller law firms just may have an edge.

What Mid-Market and Smaller Law Firms Can Offer

Specific perks are offered to lawyers at mid-market and smaller law firms. These benefits continue to attract top talent.

Rate Flexibility While Developing Client Base

While new 2023 data shows that many large law firms are raising rates by about 10%, lawyers at mid-market or smaller firms often have rate flexibility in keeping with their current and prospective client expectations.

Streamlined, Fast Conflict Checking Process

New client business is vital to perpetuating any law practice. Conflicts must clear completely before a client can be taken on for representation. At large law firms, the conflict-check process can take a very long time due to the number of matters being handled both domestically and internationally. Smaller law firms can accurately breeze through the conflicts-checking process in a timely manner, paving a clear path to representation while growing market share.

Career Development Support and Planning

At smaller firms, employees often receive personally tailored career development and planning. At some firms, dedicated hours during the work week are provided to attorneys who may seek real training on how to grow their client base. Also, many mid-size firms engage in strategic workforce planning to ensure a seamless transition when an employee moves or retires.

Strategic planning at a smaller firm also means that employees enjoy an open career path with many opportunities for growth both horizontally and vertically.

Hands-On Client Matters, From the Boardroom to the Courtroom

At smaller firms, less experienced attorneys can often step away from the in-box/out-box daily tasks and are invited to participate in active client representation. Opportunities in both the board and courtrooms can come quickly for these aspiring advocates.


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Kay Kurtin Egger, Attorney & Co-Founder of COLLIER LEGAL SEARCH, LLC