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Veteran Legal Recruiters Make Good Hires

Hiring the right employee is crucial to any business’s success, but time constraints and a lack of screening and evaluation procedures can result in a risky hire.

Veteran legal recruiters, such as those working at Collier Legal Search, LLC, are highly specialized in helping legal teams source the best candidates. They use their industry knowledge to evaluate potential hires and identify warning signs that may not be obvious to the untrained eye.

Why Legal Teams Make Bad Hires

Legal teams sometimes make bad recruitment choices due to a lack of proper screening and evaluation processes. Often this is due to a lack of time available for the full vetting process. As the result, legal hires may be based heavily on credentials without enough regard for environmental fit and long-term potential for success.

Process is Rushed to Get New Hire Working

Integrating a new hire into a position can take up to 12 months. If you need a role filled immediately and don’t have anyone in the pipeline, you may rush the process without adequately vetting the candidate.

No Time to Interview Potential Candidates

Rushed decisions occur when your firm needs to fill a role quickly and needs more resources for pre-screening interviewees to find the best fit.

Partnering with a legal recruiter helps you screen and evaluate candidates before you interview them. This reduces the time you spend interviewing since you only have to meet with the best talent for the role. It is ideal to know your legal recruiter and, more importantly, ensure your legal recruiter knows you, your legal team, and your business environment well.

Candidate Pool Isn’t Large Enough

Another challenge a legal team’s hiring managers face is an ever-shrinking, solid candidate pool. This may occur due to a lack of job postings, inadequate online presence, not targeting the right audience, or insufficient networking opportunities. Your legal recruiter should be able to handle all of these matters for you.

The Risk of Making Bad Hires

Hiring a risky candidate may be costly, and the losses may add up with the sunk time invested in onboarding, orientation, and training and the lack of productivity. A bad hire can additionally demoralize your team and harm your team’s reputation, leading to a loss of clients.

High Turnover Rate

According to the ABA, law firms saw a turnover rate of 23.2% for associates in 2021. A 2019 Gallup poll reported that replacing an employee costs about one-half to two times their annual salary. With high turnover, your firm pays more in recruiting and hiring expenses. You may also experience decreased productivity due to unfinished projects or disjointed client representation.

Wrong Fit for Your Firm’s Culture

Company culture can impact your firm’s success and increase employee retention. In a 2019 survey by Glassdoor, 22% of respondents stated that company culture was the single biggest influence on job satisfaction.

Looking for candidates who apply for the job to make a difference rather than just for a paycheck is crucial. A candidate whose principles and work ethic do not align with your firm’s values can adversely impact staff engagement, lower productivity, and waste resources.

Time and Money Wasted

Hiring candidates without top-level qualifications can be costly. Onboarding and training a new employee can cost thousands and can take months until they are fully productive. If your candidate does not work out, that is money wasted that you could have reinvested in your brand.

Advantages of Hiring A Legal Recruiting Firm

Working with a recruiting firm helps you simplify the hiring process and choose the right candidate the first time. Collier Legal Search’s veteran team ensures you speak with qualified candidates to fill open positions.

Recruiters are in the Business of Hiring

The Collier Legal Search team has entered its 20th year of service out of our Houston, TX, office. Our staff has over a century of combined experience in the legal industry. They can match your firm’s needs with the qualifications of available applicants and proactively recruit candidates based on your firm’s specifications.

Produce Qualified Candidates

Our recruiting firm has access to a vast pool of applicants to help you identify qualified individuals for the role. We have a thorough understanding of the legal sector and can introduce you to candidates who may not be actively seeking employment but are a suitable match for the role.

Reduce the Time Required for the Hiring Process

The Collier Legal Search team screens resumes and applications to save time. We pre-select and pre-interview the most qualified candidates, allowing your firm to focus on interviewing the most promising potential hires.

Hire Qualified Staff With Collier Legal Search

Collier Legal Search is a Texas-based legal recruiting firm with over a century of experience in the legal staffing industry. We have the candidate network and skills to find the right hires to help your firm thrive. Contact our legal recruiting team to start the hiring process and find top-quality candidates.