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Benefits of Hiring a Project Attorney

Going to trial? Here's how a project attorney can help. Much has been written about the use of a project attorney to maximize…

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Tips to Avoid Staff Turnover

Do you experience a high staff turnover? Staff turnover is an unavoidable, natural part of the hiring and employment cycle. Economic turmoil, industry…

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Boost Your Firm’s Productivity in 2018

Are you looking to boost your firm's productivity in 2018? Here are a few easy ways. In today’s competitive market, law firms have…

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Preparing Your Firm for the Holiday Season

Is your firm prepared for the holiday season? The holiday season will be here in a matter of weeks. For law firm management,…

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Legal Staffing in an Uncertain Economy

Are you planning to grow your talent base? Here are a few options to consider. Achieving sustainable growth in a shifting legal market…

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