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Legal Recruiting in a Candidate-Driven Market

Legal recruiting can be challenging in the current candidate-driven market.

Many law firms and corporate legal departments are struggling to find talent in 2018’s candidate-driven market. The national unemployment rate is at historic lows, and the Texas job market is no different. Experienced legal professionals, from attorneys to support staff, are in high demand with qualified candidates enjoying leverage when considering a move. In particular, the legal industry’s lateral job market continues to grow, often constituting a significant percentage of a firm’s overall numbers. For firms and corporate legal departments trying to fill positions,  now is the best time to utilize outside expertise. An experienced legal recruiter can help with the four C’s of finding talent in this candidate-driven market:


The first step of working with a recruiter is to establish a relationship through a meeting of the minds. The recruiter should meet with the partner(s) responsible for the search to learn about practice areas, growth, plans for the future, critical issues, preferences, and other matters that will allow the search firm to work more efficiently. A recruiter who can knowledgeably answer candidates’ questions can represent the firm, the partners and the position accurately.


Workers today are very interested in an organization’s corporate culture, and attorneys are no different. Company and department branding carry greater importance as competition for candidates continues to tighten. Being able to articulate and promote your firm’s particular culture is very important in attracting the kind of candidate that will be a good fit. A recruiter can help crystalize the finer points of your firm’s culture, differentiate it from other firms, and market it to candidates.


Of course, the desired outcome of working with a recruiter is to find qualified, well-matched candidates for open positions. Seasoned recruiters maintain databases and regularly stay in contact with the top attorneys and support staff in their market. Furthermore, they often have in-depth knowledge of those individuals’ skill sets, career objectives and compensation packages, even if those professionals are not actively looking for jobs. A recruiter can discreetly reach out to individuals that they already know will match a firm’s criteria.


With candidates currently receiving multiple offers and counter-offers, employers must differentiate their proposal to remain competitive for top talent. While salary will always be one of the top criteria, other factors such as flexible work schedules, telecommuting, performance-based bonuses, training, and paid parking are some of the perks that can tip the scales. A recruiter with extensive knowledge of the market can advise what the current compensation trends and most attractive packages are.

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