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Building Your Personal Law Practice Image

As Texas prepares to reopen for business, it may the best time to evaluate your personal law practice image for competitive positioning in the marketplace.

As businesses begin to reopen, many workers are returning to a “new normal.” Social distancing and travel concerns mean that networking events, conferences, and professional gatherings may not return to their previous formats. Instead, video meetings, streaming, social media, and other platforms have exploded since the beginning of the pandemic. These popular platforms are entertaining, but they are also valuable professional tools. For the legal professional, this “new normal” is an excellent opportunity to develop your personal image, reinvent your professional reputation, and develop new skills. Whether you are returning to your previous job or looking for a new one, here are some ways to stay ahead of the game:

Define Your Image, Define Your Practice Strengths

Set aside some dedicated time to focus on your personal brand. Analyze your skillset, unique strengths, and the qualities that differentiate you from others. Even in the same law firm, two attorneys from one practice group can have very different brands. One may be known for meticulous detail, another for an aggressive defense. Create a mission statement of one or two sentences that encompass the words and values that you’d like people to associate with you. Having a clear personal brand gives you more control over your reputation and your career.

Do an Image Makeover: Checklist

A brand audit involves gathering information, opinions, and feedback that others associate with you. If your firm does regular performance reviews, revisit them to find out which characteristics stand out. Google yourself to see what prospects, clients, and potential employers can learn about you. Was your last published article five years ago? Do your social media posts align with your brand? If there is anything that doesn’t reinforce your personal brand, consider updating, changing, or deleting it.

Refresh Your Bios

Has your firm bio remained unchanged since you first started there eight years ago? Most firms have a specific template for attorney bios, so there may not be much room for creativity. You can make sure the information is accurate and current. Is the list of representative matters up to date? Does it reflect the kind of business you want to attract? Unlike firm profiles, your LinkedIn bio belongs to you. Use the opportunity to craft a bio that matches your brand.

Promote Your Attorney Image

This step in the branding process is where many professionals balk. Now that you have a clearly stated brand, you must go out and aggressively promote it! It’s essential to begin communicating your brand to your peers, customers, employers, and prospects. Blogging is a great, and often free, way to showcase your knowledge and thought leadership. Publishing articles or commentary in trade pubs, LinkedIn, Twitter, even email newsletters, are other common platforms.

Learn New Skills

Lawyers have never been early adopters of technology. Becoming proficient in popular digital platforms will immediately set you apart from the competition. Do you know how-to video blog (vlog)? Can you set up a Zoom or Microsoft Team meeting? Many of these platforms will become part of the mainstream business world. New ones are sure to follow.

Consult With Career Experts

A staffing professional can be a valuable ally in creating your personal brand. They know the industry landscape and the importance of standing apart from the crowd. If you are in the market for a new job, a staffing expert can tell you what skillsets and requirements employers want.

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