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How to Increase Visibility for Attorneys

As Texas prepares to reopen for business, are you prepared? Here are a few tips to increase visibility for attorneys in an unknown market.

As Governor Abbott begins to reopen Texas business, now is a good time for service providers such as attorneys to optimize their social media presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. The effects, while many immediately enhance credibility, often demonstrate legal “know-how,” and perhaps most importantly, increase visibility.

Despite the C19 crisis and the already-realized effects on business, there are opportunities to grow your law practice and gain market share.  It is especially true now when many are working remotely and consistently online.  Review your social profiles as you will find many of your competitors are out there and highly visible — not just to their peers but also to potential clients. Keeping your information updated is vital for achieving growth in market share. The good news is that it’s not too late to become stronger in this area; and, much online activity is within your control to manage at little to no cost.

The first step calls for you to evaluate how you appear on resources such as those listed. Plainly put:  it’s no longer sustainable for you to have a “slight” presence such as a bare-bones profile. In order to increase visibility, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you been promoted recently?
  • Is your title accurate?
  • Do you have any unique skill sets, and are they included?
  • Can a prospective client find you through a practice-area search without knowing your name?
  • Are the details of your specific practice highlighted?
  • Are details of your various licenses, accolades, accreditations, associations, and groups listed and linked to your profile?
  • Have you had opinions published, and, if so – can your prospective clients link to those important decisions for review?
  • Have you authored recent “white papers” or articles that may benefit your peers or clients?
  • Do you serve as a volunteer or on the board for any professional associations or organizations?

Often important details are unfortunately omitted.

The 2nd step calls upon you to be “active” on social media. You may see your peers offering video discussions on the law and legal trends. The results are significant! Consider the numbers of eyes watching, and the volume of ears listening to these videos. Ask yourself how you can achieve similar results; take similar action. Though, it’s not just about others watching you. It’s about you watching, reading, liking, and, most importantly, linking to others—be them individuals, associations, or groups.  In this era, when personal interaction is highly limited, it is upon you to deliberately socially interact through social media. Make haste:  this can begin today!

As attorneys, you went through a highly competitive law school program— harken back to those days and make no mistake:  your competition for a social media audience and, in turn, market share is intense and extreme.

Evaluate yourself and then get proactive and increase visibility – it starts now; it starts while many are working remotely. Make lemonade out of lemons and capitalize on this crisis through social media strength!

Should you need any recommendations on how to pursue immediate results, do not hesitate to call me—I am happy to assist you!

Kay Kurtin Egger, Attorney, and Co-Founder:  COLLIER LEGAL SEARCH, LLC