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Leading Productivity Strategies For Law Firms

The final months of 2020 will likely look very different at law firms and legal departments across the nation. Having many productivity strategies can help you end the year strong as your firm wraps up 2020 and prepares for the coming year.

In a typical year, the final months are consumed with a whirlwind of projects, associate evaluations, promotions, client activities, personal and professional holiday obligations, and planning for the following year. But 2020 has been nothing like any other year in memory. Nearly nine months have passed since the coronavirus pandemic set in, and workers everywhere have gotten used to social distancing, meeting virtually, and working remotely. Year-end activities will now require law firm managers to plan with pandemic modifications in mind and be creative with new productivity strategies.

Combat COVID Fatigue

Whether it’s COVID-related, holiday vacation, or some other reason, the reality is that many law firms and legal departments are operating with scaled-down staff. A significant percentage of workers are juggling their workload with home-schooling, health concerns, and other uncertainties. As we approach the end of the year, people are also dealing with holiday-related stress, as well as COVID fatigue. Bringing in contract or temporary workers during these final months can help prevent burnout, take over work from absent employees, finish up projects, or lend expertise on complex issues.

Expand Your Services

Every firm has been in the undesirable position of turning away business because of a lack of expertise. Instead of referring these clients to competitors, consider assembling a remote team of temporary and contract attorneys to augment your existing team or practice group. As one of your productivity strategies, use outside resources to handle these matters can create a much-needed revenue stream in these uncertain times.

Rethink Remote Working

Traditionally, the legal sector has been resistant in its attitude towards remote working. Partners like to see heads bent over desks, billing hours. There are also issues of data sensitivity, cybersecurity, and client-lawyer confidentiality. Despite these concerns, the pandemic forced law firms to accept remote working. To their surprise, most firms are reporting good results with no loss of productivity or quality. By adopting long-term remote working practices and by creating new productivity strategies, law firms can increase their profits. A permanent remote-work policy can give a firm a competitive edge in hiring. Most candidates prefer to work for law firms with some remote work flexibility.

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