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Worker Shortage

Shortage of Workers for the Legal Industry

With changes brought on by the 2020 pandemic, the legal industry, like many others, went into crisis management mode. Law firms and legal departments furloughed key workers while often also downsizing other personnel. Now, as industry slowly emerges from the pandemic, the practice of law (especially in Texas), has emerged arguably busier than ever. With everything from litigation to large transactions (including mergers and Texas-based deals), many legal employers are searching for employees to rebuild and grow their business.

If you are looking for qualified candidates to join your team, but you don’t have the time to wade through applications and candidates, partner with Collier Legal Search. We will help you find skilled, long-term candidates to become an integral part of your legal team.

What Caused the Workers Shortage?

The 2020 pandemic saw a significant shift in every area of the workforce, from hiring to retaining employees to how companies perform work and collaborate. In April of 2020, an estimated 18 million workers were laid off from their jobs. The worker shortage in the legal arena developed from the following reasons:

  • Choosing to stay home to be safe
  • Layoffs due to budget constraints
  • Layoffs due to a lack of work
  • Litigation was put on hold, affecting all workers in the system
  • Workers who stayed felt overworked or untrained for new duties and quit

How the Worker Shortage is Affecting Your Legal Team

As things slowly get back to normal, legal firms find that the worker shortage adversely affects their teams. Workers who stayed on during the pandemic had to take on new responsibilities and work longer hours. This has led to burnout and higher rates of turnover in some cases.

Without the appropriate staff, day-to-day business operations are complicated, and you cannot focus on the essential tasks. In addition, you may be unable to take on the cases you need to because of a lack of skilled workers in your office. This affects your firm’s reputation and bottom line.

Unprecedented Need for Skilled Workers in the Legal Sector

Overall, the legal industry is seeing an increase in hiring. Legal mergers are on the rise. Transactional work is booming. Litigation is at some of the highest levels in recent history. In all situations, legal teams are planning for the long term and helping to create new jobs for legal workers.

This is especially true in Texas, where there is a growing need for legal services. In early 2021 severe weather, including major arctic freezes, shut off power in some homes and businesses for days. The result has driven court filings far up and on the transactional side of law, many companies are relocating to Texas or moving their headquarters to the state to operate. It all means there is an even more significant need for lawyers and legal workers in all types of sectors. Collier Legal specializes in helping Texas-based legal entities find legal workers for placement in the following in-demand sectors:

  • Commercial Litigation
  • Insurance Litigation
  • Employment-driven Litigation and Transactions
  • Transactional Law including Contracts, Finance, M&A etc.
  • Privacy, Data Security, Intellectual Property Law
  • Bankruptcy

When looking at potential candidates, there are several steps you must take. Not only do you need to advertise for the position, but you also have to interview and vet your applicants. This process is a big investment on your end, and it takes time away from other tasks your firm requires you to complete.

Because there are more open positions than candidates, employers need to offer more than just a job to bring in qualified, skilled candidates in their doors. Good, skilled legal workers are looking for numerous benefits when joining your team, such as flexibility, the ability to work remotely, career advancement opportunities, skills training, increased pay and benefits, and a welcoming, valuing company culture.

In addition to making your workplace desirable to new candidates, remember to show your existing, loyal employees that you value them. Make small changes in the work environment or offer them an advancement to keep committed and knowledgeable workers on your staff.

How Collier Legal Can Help

Building a team of skilled workers on your own is time-consuming, expensive, and takes you away from more pressing aspects of your firm. A recruiting firm like Collier Legal Search is the perfect solution for quickly finding and hiring new, knowledgeable employees. We can find skilled placements for law firm partners, attorneys, legal administrators, legal support professionals, IT, finance, and office personnel candidates.

When you work with Collier, you save time and money and are tapped into legal industry trends. Collier has over 18 years of industry experience with tenured employees and a strong network of vetted applicants for their skills and expertise. We can guarantee placements that stay for up to two times longer than the competition. And to top it all off, the founders of Collier Legal Search are native Houstonians.

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As your firm recovers from the trials of 2020, you need to find qualified, skilled individuals to build your team. At Collier Legal Search, we strive to partner you with employment candidates who fit your firm’s specific needs. Our clients and candidates are important to us, and we are committed to their success. Call us at 713-863-8180 to learn how we can support you as your firm recovers in 2021.