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Law firms and corporate legal departments of all sizes turn to a legal recruiting firm to help them find talent. An experienced legal staffing company can provide access to a wide range of expertise, from temporary legal support to highly experienced partners. When you engage a legal recruiting firm as an integral component of your business strategy, the partnership can improve your firm’s bottom line and productivity in several ways:

Streamlines the hiring process

By working through a legal recruiting firm, you can save time, money, and labor. Legal recruiting firms maintain up-to-date and accurate databases of qualified candidates from clerical temp-workers to partner-level specialists. They can quickly source, screen, and prepare candidates for an interview or meeting. If discretion is required for a high-level candidate, a legal staffing professional will ensure that the communication is handled correctly. Use a staffing firm and stop wasting attorney hours to advertise job openings, sort through resumes, and screen potential workers.

Reduces hiring costs

Controlling payroll is always a priority for law firms, and contracting workers through a legal staffing firm can save substantial hard costs. Certain expenses for temporary or contract workers are covered by the staffing firm, not your law firm:

  • Payroll processing
  • Benefits administration
  • Unemployment
  • Workers’ compensation

Eliminating these costs means that your organization can ramp up or pulldown staff quickly without incurring additional expenses.

Expand Your Service Offering

Smaller firms are sometimes forced to turn clients away because they don’t have the expertise, support staff, or practice groups to handle certain cases. A legal staffing professional can help your firm expand its services by finding specialized attorneys and the support staff required to work on new cases. The expansion can be temporary, seasonal, or permanent, depending on the firm’s needs and the volume of work.

Provides One-Stop Shopping

Your staffing firm should work closely with your hiring partners and HR department for the best long-term results. When you foster a partnership with your legal recruiting firm, you will have access to seasoned professionals who know the major players in the legal market and how they might fit your firm’s hiring goals and culture. Working with a single point of contact can help you solve numerous staffing-related challenges with one phone call or email.

Try Before You Hire

Making a bad hire is frustrating and expensive. It is also bad for firm morale. Many legal recruiting firms offer a trial period, also called temp-to-perm. The candidate and the law firm understand that a permanent employment offer depends on the trial period. Temp-to-perm allows your firm managers time to evaluate the potential employee’s skills, personality, professionalism, and cultural fit before making a final decision. Managers significantly reduce the risk of hiring someone who isn’t productive or a good match. Here are a few tips for hiring legal candidates.

Gain Valuable Market Information

Do you want direct access to the latest recruiting and hiring expertise on all facets of law firm employment? Partnering with a legal recruiting firm will give you insight into salary and benefits trends, market conditions, industry standards, and best practices. Having this critical information will make your firm more competitive in attracting and retaining the best legal talent.

How Collier Legal Search Can Help

Collier Legal Search is a full-service legal recruiting firm. We place well-credentialed partners, associates, and legal professionals at every level in law firms and corporations. Our experience, connections, and unique approach to building our candidate database deliver consistent results on which our clients can depend. We are committed to the success of our clients and our candidates. Find out what we can do for you.