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Changes Gen Z Brings to the Legal Workforce

Generation Z, otherwise known as “Zoomers,” live up to their name. Zoomers grew up in a fast-paced, technological world, and, as a generation, they value diversity, financial security, and an open-minded, progressive outlook toward controversial subjects. As this generation begins to hit their early 20’s, law firms are looking to understand what changes Gen Z will bring to the legal landscape.

Gen Z employees can benefit the workplace with these unique attitudes and expectations. They value personal connections and aren’t afraid to put in long hours when they feel appreciated. The changes Gen Z brings to the legal workforce are progressive and help older generations to remain forward-thinking. It is beneficial for potential employers to understand what motivates Gen Z employees so they can do what it takes to attract them into the legal workforce.

Collier Legal Search focuses on providing you with quality Generation Z candidates to diversify your workforce and help you implement progressive ideas that are characteristic of this group of workers.

What is Gen Z?

Generation Z is a group of people born between about 1997 through 2012. They are characteristically associated with being tuned into technology, particularly cell phones and social media. Gen Z has come to age in the aftermath of 9/11 and the Great Recession of 2008, making them more conservative in financial matters than other generations. They are known for being outspoken about political beliefs and value social justice and environmental conscientiousness.

Despite being hyper-connected to smartphones and social media, Gen Z highly appreciates connectivity in both professional and personal relationships. They also respect and support those struggling with issues related to mental health.

Gen Z Workplace Expectations

Generation Z is the first generation to grow up in a wholly digital world. They are often referred to as “digital natives” and are comfortable with fast-paced, changing technologies in the workplace. This ease with technology influences many of their career-related expectations. Gen Z workers typically expect the following of their employers:

  • Proactive communication
  • Transparency of company operations and management decisions
  • Clear expectations of job parameters
  • Meaningful evaluations and communications
  • Direct, consistent feedback on job performance
  • Diverse workforce
  • Inclusive, collaborative work environment
  • Updated technology and implementation of digital tools
  • Opportunities for career development
  • Flexible hours
  • Authenticity
  • Employers that positively impact the community

Why is it Important to Attract Gen Z Employees?

Currently, there are approximately 75 million “Boomers” nearing retirement. Although Generation X and Millennials have stepped into these vacancies, there will be considerable gaps in employment in the coming years. It will fall on Generation Z to fill the roles left behind by the Baby Boomers. Therefore, it is vital to attract and maintain Generation Z employees by adapting workplace operations and policies to match these new workers’ expectations.

Not only is it essential to attract Gen Z for logistical reasons, but it is also important because Gen Zers represent a shift in thinking on a global societal scale. It is beneficial for the company to embrace the positive changes they bring to the legal workforce regarding diversity, inclusivity, education, and progressive mindsets.

How Can You Appeal to Gen Z Workers?

Appealing to Gen Z workers is necessary to embrace future generations and forward-thinking legal practices. To attract Gen Z employees who will stay long-term and work hard for your firm, start implementing several changes to your workplace.

Show that your firm cares about the environment and social change with demonstrable acts. Gen Z candidates will respect your firm for speaking out on social justice matters or taking on cases that protect marginalized groups in society.

Offer flexible schedules and positions. Implement digital tools and offer remote working options to accommodate new modes of work. Be authentic and honest with Gen Z employees, and give them consistent, helpful feedback on how they perform at work. Encourage meaningful collaboration between teams at your firm and foster an environment of professional yet personal connectedness.

Collier Legal Connects You to the Gen Z Workforce

If you are looking to bolster your firm’s legal team with qualified Gen Z employees, Collier Legal Search can help. We will search for qualified candidates who fit your job descriptions and work with you to establish employment expectations for our Gen Z candidates. We want to match you with potential employees who meet your needs and will be a positive addition to your firm.

Collier Legal Search: Your Key to Working With Gen Z

If your firm wants to bring in employees from the “Zoomer” generation, partner with Collier Legal Search to find quality candidates for your legal team. We work to present you with candidates that fit your firm’s needs and specifications. We are committed to the success of our clients and employment candidates. Contact the Collier Legal team at (713) 863-8180 to discover how we can aid you in diversifying your team with excellent candidates from Gen Z.