June 17, 2020

Summer has arrived and the end of Q2 approaches. People are slowly returning to newly reopened workplaces. Law firms are no exception. While safety protocols have changed to embrace social/work distancing, strategic business planning has some of our clients gaining real momentum into Q3.

These last few weeks, we have had meaningful conversations with known law firm leaders. We have sought their opinions and predictions on emerging, stronghold practice areas in the coming months. Certainly, bankruptcy and employment law practices are continuing to strengthen. Accordingly, we have been effectively recruiting legal personnel in these areas of practice. At the same time, we have listened to what practice leaders believe will be significant focus areas in Q3, Q4, and 2021: litigation (both commercial and insurance-driven), wealth preservation & tax management, and finance (secured transactions) are practices gaining serious momentum. Preparation being essential for production, this strange era has given our Collier Legal Search team an unprecedented opportunity to become more consultative, more informed than ever before. Throughout this crisis and as always, our goal remains the same: to be a valuable resource for our clients.

As to our existing needs, CLS consistently aspires to react swiftly in an effort to meet our client expectations regardless of the practice area. At the same time, we strive to be extremely proactive, aligning our recruiting and placement services to predicted growth areas. 


Balancing time against conservatism is perhaps more important today than ever before. By posting open positions online, some of our clients have sought to save on recruiter fees hoping to take advantage of what is perceived to be a surplus of available manpower. This is one of those situations where we might say, “be careful what you wish for.” As a result, these same clients face a time-sucking “Mount Everest” of applicant paperwork to review. Many applicants have little to no skills required in the position. On a rare occasion, the right hire is identified in the stockpile. More often though, the right applicant is still employed and very likely he/she has never seen the online job opening. The question is whether it is the best use of your time to sort through the hoard of the resumes in hopes of finding the right hire? Or, is your time better used elsewhere?

At Collier Legal Search, we are sensitive to the community’s call for conservatism. Our clients only owe a fee if they hire one of our applicants. In many circumstances, our fees are deeply discounted. As importantly, we are sensitive to the value of time. Our service ensures that your time is always protected to optimize production. 

Stay productive entering Q3. Let us take on the project of building your winning team. To learn about how we have continued to build our applicant pool during this crisis, please contact Kay Egger at 832-239-5218.

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