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April 19, 2020

Our Collier Legal Search team is continuing to support for help managing through COVID-19 crisis. The lingering effects have been economically devastating, including within the legal marketplace. While some of our CLS friends have been successfully working remotely, many have not been as fortunate. Some have been laid off; some have been furloughed. Many fear layoffs in the future. Plainly stated, this is an ominous time.
We encourage you to overcome fear by preparedness: actions can be taken now to optimize your employability.

  1. Communicate consistently with your legal recruiter. Schedule a recurring, weekly phone call from you to your legal recruiter. Not only does your phone call remind him/her that you desire to remain on the top of a placement “list,” but also consistent communications further mutual rapport and trust.
  2. Update your resume. Ensure your legal recruiter has the most updated version of your resume. Include salary/pay history and references.
  3. Recognize the trends and be open-minded. Often in an economic downturn, “hiring freezes” take hold. Consider that even if companies/law firms are consequently unable to directly-hire a new employee, they often have available budgetary dollars for temporary and temp-to-hire labor. We understand many of you ultimately seek full-time employment; onboarding as a temporary laborer can be the means to get that permanent position.
  4. Consider salary conservatism. You likely know that many of our customers/law firms have cut salaries across the board, up to 50%! When sharing your salary/pay history with your legal recruiter, you may discuss the idea of requesting lower pay in your next position. Such a consideration demonstrates your knowledge of economics, your empathy, and, most importantly, it proves your leap of faith in the future. Ask your legal recruiter more about the companies/law firms where he/she is presenting you and whether this may be an appropriate consideration. Ask your legal recruiter how this is handled and communicated to the company/law firm where he/she is presenting you.
  5. Push your comfort zone. We have yet to learn how the legal employment landscape will change, given the C-19 crisis. Perhaps many will continue to work remotely. Perhaps some will perform multiple functions for the first time. Be flexible; let your legal recruiter know you are willing and able to wear many hats.
  6. Don’t wait another day to begin these steps! Remain steadfast in your efforts to be proactive. Following these steps will ensure you are doing what you need to do to remain at the top of your legal recruiter’s placement list!

At Collier Legal Search, we have been working nonstop throughout this crisis and are helping firms with managing through COVID-19 so they can be prepared for the busy times ahead. We always strive to keep your best interests in mind and offer our consultation to you 24/7. Stay connected with us for opportunities as they come available. Additionally, if you have a friend or family member in need of professional employment guidance, contact us and we will do our best to help.

In the meantime, please remain healthy and safe at home.

Very truly yours,

Kay Kurtin Egger, Attorney, and Co-Founder of Collier Legal Search, LLC

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