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December 1, 2019

How are you growing your legal network?

Build your legal network! This mantra is drummed into attorneys from law school onward. Associates dutifully attend events and collect business cards. Back at the office, they send out “friend” requests and consider their network built. Established attorneys tend to stick with the same circle of contacts for years, sometimes decades. Although LinkedIn and Facebook allow us to connect with hundreds, if not thousands of people, they are not dependable networks. Online connections can’t replace the personal contact needed for lasting professional relationships.


  • Stronger business relationships – Meeting your contacts in person is more powerful than communicating through social media.
  • Stay on top of industry trends – Direct communication with your peers is the best way to exchange ideas and learn about business or employment trends.
  • Build your niche – Consistently attending the right events will help to get your name and face known. You can then build your reputation as a helpful expert in a specific area.
  • More client referrals – If you are sincere in your efforts to help, and generous with your knowledge, you will be top of mind when opportunities arise.
  • Solve a dilemma – A diverse network can answer unusual questions, or point you in the right direction.
  • Find new hires – If your firm is looking for talent, networking can help fill the candidate pipeline.


  • Start by giving – If you lead with the intent to get something from other people right away, your efforts will fall flat. Take the time to listen, ask meaningful questions, and share useful knowledge.
  • Mix and mingle – Don’t stick together with familiar faces at an event. Not only do you lose opportunities to meet new people, but a tight-knit group appears unapproachable.
  • Be a matchmaker – Not in the romantic sense, of course! Connect your contacts with each other and help grow their networks.
  • Set targets you can meet – Connect with one person each week, have lunch with prospective clients twice a month, or attend an event once a quarter.

Targets Internally

Most people don’t think about networking within their company.  The truth is, knowing people at all levels of your firm is critical in developing your career and establishing a strong legal network. Make an effort to grow entry-level to executive relationships.

Legal Network Arena

Take advantage of CLE programs, events, and specialized groups offered by your local and State Bar Association. Branch outside of your practice area to meet lawyers in other specialties. Join organizations such as The Association of Corporate Counsel. ACC is a global community of more than 40,000 in-house counsel that provides resources and networking opportunities. Meet legal recruiters. A recruiter should be part of your network at all times. Good legal recruiters have extensive connections and knowledge about current trends and the state of the market. Industry & Trade Legal Network

Whether it’s banking, energy, construction, or healthcare, trade, or industry groups are representing your niche and should be added to your legal network.

Community & Social

Building your legal network is not completed merely through the workplace. Valuable contacts are made on the sidelines of a little league game, at church, or through volunteer projects.

Full-Service Legal Staffing You Can Depend On

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