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March 18, 2018

Are you growing your staff in 2018? Here are a few hiring tips. 

In the coming year, successful law firms will further experiment and innovate to add depth to their practices, develop more profit centers, and deliver cost-effective service to clients. Legal recruiting in this competitive market is challenging, but doable, with the right recruiting partner. Firms who intend to add legal resources in 2018 must carefully weigh the cost of a new hire against the return on investment. Hiring in any of the following categories is far more efficient, plus easier, with the help of a seasoned legal recruiter with in-depth knowledge of the marketplace:

A recent study found that over 30 percent of equity partners are currently at or approaching retirement age. Firms who are losing experienced talent to retirement often look to competing firms to replenish the ranks of high-level partners. Established partners with profitable practices, in-demand skill sets, and portable clients are the most sought after. Whether it’s a single partner or an entire practice group, adding these tier-one attorneys is a way to expand a firm’s client base and expertise.

We are focused entirely on your specific needs and can discreetly approach partners and identify practice groups that may be a fit for your organization.


Identifying and recruiting qualified, experienced mid- to senior-level associates continues to be challenging because there are fewer available candidates. In the wake of the 2008 recession, many firms hired fewer associates. Those who were hired during the lean years are now rising through the ranks with their collective eye on equity partnership. Adding one or more seasoned associates to your firm can impact productivity since these associates need minimal training. Additionally, maintaining a robust team of junior talent allows a law firm to deal with partner retirement issues more efficiently.
The Power of Temporary Attorneys
Corporate legal departments and law firms of all sizes greatly increase profitability by utilizing contract (temp) attorneys to handle overflow and project work. By using Collier Legal Search  (CLS) employees as your temps, your liabilities and costs disappear because CLS (as the employer) absorbs those expenses.
Support Staff
The role of paralegals is evolving. They now perform legal research and discovery—activities for which the firm can bill their clients. During times of work overflow, contract (temp) paralegals make a lot of financial sense as opposed to hiring someone permanently. Outstanding and efficient Legal Secretaries allow the billers (attorneys and paralegals) to be more productive, greatly enhancing the bottom line of the legal entity.  Here again, the efficient use of temporary legal secretaries brings great value.
We can help you expand your talent pool. We have an expansive database and network which constantly draws in outstanding associate legal talent at all levels. Once we know your specific hiring needs and goals, we will identify the best candidates saving you time and money. With regard to all temporary recruiting and staffing, Collier Legal Search handles all costs including taxes, benefits, and payroll.  
Many managing partners have stepped away from daily operations and now rely on experienced professionals in finance, strategy, business development, marketing, technology, cybersecurity, pricing, knowledge management, and talent. A legal technology specialist provides technical support for large e-discovery projects, document production, and document reviews. A legal technology specialist requires advanced knowledge of document management software programs and database manipulation as well as a thorough understanding of federal and state rules of civil procedure. A pricing specialist is one of the fastest-growing support roles in law firms. Law firms are facing increased pressure from clients to alter their pricing from the traditional billable hour. How matters are priced is becoming a central support function within law firms. The ability to evaluate different types of legal work and apply the appropriate pricing models is becoming increasingly valuable.

We are on top of the latest trends and developments in the legal industry and can help your firm identify specific needs and specialists that can elevate your firm from the competition.

Full-Service Legal Staffing You Can Depend On
Collier Legal Search is a full-service legal staffing company that specializes in placing well-credentialed partners, associates and legal professionals at every level in law firms and corporations. Our experience in the industry and a unique approach to building our candidate database consistently delivers results that clients can depend on.

We are committed to maximizing success for our clients and our candidates. Contact us at 832-239-5253 to give us the opportunity to work with you.

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